Saturday, 2 March 2013

:: Tanjung Lumpur & Teluk Cempedak ::

Salam and Hola !

Lets continue the journey of exploring Kuantan with the two must visit places here. 

Tanjung Lumpur is the most popular place for the seafood lover since it offers quite cheap seafood meals compared to KL. How to get here, an easy answer - follow the signboard and you'll definitely find the place.

There are many restaurants in here and the parking spot is not as easy as you thought it will be. even tougher at night. As been recommended  by some people, we tried ANA IKAN BAKAR restaurant, this restaurants managed to open 3 branches. Easy to spot, its located at the first and last row.

tips: if you are the so-called-musafir come around 645 and you'll not regret as you might eat after one and half hour later. easy to park your car and easy to find an empty seat. since u CAN jama' your maghrib to isyak later.

Enjoy the pic peeps.

Mushroom + chicken soup

Kailan with salted fish

tempura squid

quenching thirst watermelon in big size

Togok grilled fish

it costs us for RM50++ only.
We would classified this as SATISFACTORY. A value for money gastronomy experience. After a great worthy dinner, we move on to the heart of Kuantan night life, TELUK CEMPEDAK. Again, by following the sign board, no excuse for LOST is following you. ;)


a kempen for that night

Till then and for now. More picture will be uploaded soon.

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