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:: The Vanilla Place ::

Salam and Holla,

Fuh2, *gaya tiup sawang* berhabuk sana sini sebab lama tak update. So post untuk Pahang Trip kena stop kejap sebab kami berdua agak busy *konon2 la busy*. So harini nak update pasal tempat makan.
Empire Gallery Mall terletak berhampiran dengan Subang Parade di Subang Jaya mempunyai banyak pilihan restoren yang menawarkan menu-menu yang terbaik dari segi main dish mahupun ke dessert.

Kali ni kita akan bercerita mengenai " The Vanilla Place ", a good place for the dessert hunter. Located in front of the Toy R Us at 1st floor. Just find the escalator and you'll find the restaurant, not for someone who is looking for a grand and luxurious purpose, cozy and relaxing is the best word to describe this place.

Kami sampai dalam pukul 1400 hr ++, so the best meal to have is "Plate for Two" lebih kurang la macam ni nama dia. Ape yg menariknye menu ni ialah daya tarikan pelbagai jenis manisan n pastry yg digabungkan justeru memikat selera sesiapa yg meminatinya.. ini dihidangkan dalam tiga tingkat pinggan.. at the top, terdapat macaroons, baked bread wif blueberry and cupcakes.. and the second tier, we had our chocolate cakes wif strawberry on top, carrot cakes wif lemon on top  and crunchy mix vegetable pies, while at the bottom of the dishes were tuna wif breads, crumble egg wif breads, salad wif breads, tomato wif breads, mushroom pies and chicken mushrom chees pies.

Even thought the dishes in a small sizes, you can feel enough. These dishes come together wif two types of water. Refillable of variety of tea or for the coffe fan, u can choose for coffee BUT u cannot refill. For us, we choose rose marry tea serve in a tea pot..enough for two person.. is it worth it? yes it's worth it becoz you we just spent RM28 for this sweet n cute dishes..*this price not include the govt tax ya* we enjoy it..u also can enjoy the yummie dishes..have a try :)

the back of the signage

Rosemary tea pot

Plate for two

The upper tier

The second tier

The bottom tier

Instagram is a must :D


The bill


Macaroons and cupcakes
Till then.

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